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Vertical CNC Machine Denver Advance 633

DENVER completes its range of vertical work centers with the Advance 633 model, an advanced solution for cutting, milling and drilling large glass up to 6000 x 3300 mm.

Advance 633's philosophy is to offer a unique technology to perform a wide range of jobs and achieve integrated production of:

• Doors;

• Shelves;

• Partitions for separation of offices;

• Stairs;

• Balconies;

• Decoration elements such as tables, cabinets or mirrors;

• Laminated glass and parts for the home appliance industry;

• Large shop windows for commercial stores;

• Wired glass for the insulating glass industry.

With a single operator, Advance 633 transforms the glass that comes out of the cutting table into a finished product, carrying out all phases of work without the need for intervention. The parts clamping system (patented DMV) stands out for its speed and rigidity, being specially developed without mechanical parts to guarantee maximum reliability over time.

The DENVER patent activates and deactivates the suction cups pneumatically, operating only at the edge of the suction cup, completely eliminating the need to zoom in and out with mechanical systems.

Another fundamental need in vertical work centers is to minimize “shadow areas”, that is, those parts of glass that cannot be worked due to the presence of suction cup trolleys where the tool must pass. DENVER has developed the unique modular suction cup system that allows you to easily remove the suction cup holders and flexibly work large and small parts. Connecting to a vertical washing machine, the CNC Advance 633 center becomes a versatile, productive and easy to use line for glassware.

Denver - Advance 633

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