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Vertical CNC Machine Denver Advance 633

DENVER has the Advance 633 model in its range of vertical work centers. It is an advanced solution for milling, drilling, sharpening and polishing large glass. In this specific case, it allows working a sheet with a maximum dimension (LxH) 6000 x 3300 mm.

Maximum workable size (LxH) 6000 x 3300 mm
Maximum handling size dimensions (LxH) 6000 x 3300 mm
Maximum sheet load 580 Kg
workable thickness subject to max load betwen 4 and 21 mm
Minimum workable size (LxH) 550 x 170 mm, for cutting edge. Note: for driling and edge execution, it depends on its position on the glass plate. Heigh of work plane: 700 mm
Electropsindles specs Front - 13Kw/17.5 Cv (S6), fan cooled, max: 10 000 rpm.
Rear - 7.8Kw/10.6 Cv (S6), fan cooled, max: 10 000 rpm
Internal cooling clean water 15 lt/min
External tool cooling water 120 lt/min
Independent shuttles system Yes
Software Cad/Cam PROTECH-DDX
Double tool store Front: 12 positions
Rear: 10 positions
Installed power 20 Kw
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) 14450 x 2900 x 5000 mm
Machine weight 6000 Kg
Denver - Advance 633

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