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Loading Tables

Glass loading and unloading tables.

They offer solutions for limited spaces where the lifting crane can not reach. They provide autonomy to the cutting line or process where it is located.

Model Useful Area Loading System Tilting System Posicioning SEP TOP
MC-200 3161 x 2350 mm (145.6" x 129.9") Basculante Pneumática Manual Não
MC-300 3920 x 2800 mm (154.3" x 110.2") Basculante Hidráulica Manual Ok
MC-600 6650 x 3880 mm (261.8" x 152.8") Basculante Hidráulica Manual Ok
MCC-300 4990 x 3150 mm (196.5" x 124") Basculante / Correias Hidráulica Correias Ok
MCC-600 7275 x 3850 mm (286.4" x 151.6") Basculante / Correias Hidráulica Correias Ok
MC-300B 4250 x 3410 mm (167.3" x 134.3") Braços Hidráulica Manual Não
MC-600B 6600 x 3850 mm (259.8" x 151.6") Braços Hidráulica Manual Não
MV-300 4230 x 3030 mm (166.5" x 119.3") Ventosas Hidráulica Manual Não

Standard Features
Positioning - Conveyor belts

Ideal solution in addition to the RUBI and LAM SERIES series

Manual or conveyor belt positioning

Aluminum board

Tilting, arms or suction cups as loading systems

Extremely robust structural design

Optimized air cushion

Positioning in some of the tables is models is done by

conveyor belts. These are characterized by a “honeycomb”

type surface, which stands out for being non-slip

and providing better grip.

Loading Systems

Tilting Arms Vacuum

Loading system by the complete table tilting through a hydraulic* system.

*Except MC-200
Loading system with hydraulic tilting arms. Loading system with hydraulic arms. They incorporate suction cups in the upper part to grab the glass.

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