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Automatic Spacer Bender WHS

Automatic Spacer Bender WHS

The automatic spacer bender machine WHS is suitable to bend aluminium and Warm Edge bars: Chromatech Ultra, TGI Spacer M, Thermix TX.N Plus, Thermobar, Multitech, Swisspacer Advance, Swisspacer Ultimate.

It is possible to create square and rectangular, straight shapes like trapezium, triangle, pentagon and optionally are available curves and arcs shapes.

The machine is developed to be simple and user friendly, without changes in bending tool, in the bending system, and in the cutting system from the user, when the spacer type or thickness changes.

The interface operations are done using a Personal Computer, the program is easy to use and allows the users to manage all the working parameters, as well as set up specific condition for different type of spacers.

The program to optimize the work can optimize up to 1.200 different measures of work, considering the type and colour of material used and width. The program can be interfaced with the most used optimization software of cutting tables (Perfect Cut, Optima, Albat-Wirsam, Hanic, etc). The program is available in Italian, English, French, Spanish, German. The machinery is equipped with tele-assistance e video-assistance.

The Heating/Cooling system is completely integrated in the machinery, and fully automatic. It is possible to manage all the adjustments directly from the machinery program.

The machine is equipped with the lubrication system, for the lubrication of the cutting blade during the cutting of the spacers. The lubricant system will help the cutting blade to create less scrap on the spacers during the cutting, and will increase the life of the cutting blade, and increase the quality of the cuts.

The spacers stock has 6 sections to store spacers selectable which automatically provide the insertion of the spacer in the machine during the working process.

It is available the connection to Ink-Jet printers or label printers.

Technical features

Workable spacers: H 6-7 mm; Aluminium / Chromatech Ultra / TGI Spacer M / Thermix TX.N Plus / Thermobar / Multitech / Swisspacer Advance / Swisspacer Ultimate 8-24 mm.

Spacer frames min size: 200x280mm. Spacer frames max size: 1800x2450mm in one step (larger size in two steps)

Bender dimension: L 4.850mm, W 2.040mm, H 2.550mm. Spacer stock dimension: L 5.500mm, W 1.300mm, H 1.650mm

Lombarda - WHS

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