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Master Temper

Master Temper

Large size, high flexibility and production performance.

The oscillating Master temper oven cover a size range suitable to meet any production requirement with  openings from 1300 a 3300 mm. The lines are equipped with all the process control technologies in order to always guarantee the best quality.

In addition to the wide range of tempering glass, the Master temper oven is suitable for coating low emissivity glass (magnetron and pyrolytic). Excellent results are obtained with the 0.01 Low-E soft system. The Master temper range has two systems for the tempering Low-E glass:

  • Convection by hot air directly inside the heating chamber; Pre-heating chamber by hot air.

  • For both solutions, the ACS convection system (Automatic Convection System) allows tempering Low-E glasses with excellent results.

Key features:

  • Ceramic rollers in fused silica;

  • Ceramic rollers handling by double belts loading/furnace/tempering/unloading independently powered and driven by inverter;

  • Heating elements assembled and fixed on panels with guarantee of long-life and stability with the Greek system;

  • Power control by SCR on independent zones, on both the upper and lower side;

  • Blowers groups driven by D.C. and/or A.C. motors with inverter;

  • Vertical separate adjustment of the bowing ducts;

  • Independent pressure checking for each blowing duct;

  • Process control by PLC and supervision PC;

  • Extreme ease of use and setting of processing parameters;

  • Independent UPS system that supplies power to the furnace and allows completing the loading by discharging the glass;

  • Each line can be studieda d-hoc by positioning, for example, the side chamber for the fan in the position most suited to the work space;

  • Integrated system equipped with infrared thermo-camera checks, records and stores the temperature of the glass surface, allowing the operator to trace every load when the work is finished.

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