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Extruder NEGRINI Mono-componente and Bi-component

6 Models are available:

- Mono-component Pneum. Extr. for 25L- fixed;

- Mono-component Pneum. Extr. for 25L- mobile;

- Mono-component Pneum. Extr. for 200L;

- Bi-component Hidraulic Extr. for 200L;

- Bi-component Pneum. Extr. for 200L;

- Bi-component Hidraulic Extr. with arms for 200L;






Extrusion Capacity 2500 gr /minute 1600 cc/minute
Required Air Pressure 6 bar 3 a 6 bar
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1000x1150x1800 mm 1150x900x2500
Wight 450 Kg 400 Kg
Other Features Lift structure with 2 columns --
With high pressure sealing gun --
With 2.5m Teflon Pressure Hose --
-- With acoustic alarm system to warning of the lack of product
-- Bi-component mixture: material A (white) 200 kg; material B catalyst (black) 20 Kgs.
-- Adjustable mixing ratio: 10% with proportional pump for the catalyst product
Malnati - Vidro Duplo

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