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2 Models avaiable:

- Butilatrice 1,5 Kg (Fotos 2 e 3);

- Butilatrice 7 Kg (Foto 1).

Machines for applying butyl in the spacer profile for double glazing.

- Due to its high working speed, processing capacity of the glass sheets, its high regulation of the butylation pressure, allows a duty cycle for maximum thicknesses of 24 and 30 mm (depending on the model - see table).

- The butyl extrusion nozzles are placed in a standard steel head;

- The butyl valve is made of chromium;

- The replacement of butyl butyl is practical and quick, about 4 minutes without disassembly;

- The butylation pressure can be easily adjusted;

- The working temperature is set manually using an electronic thermostat;

- With shape profile butylation device (only available for the 7 kg model).

Features Butilatrice 7 Kg Butilatrice 1,5 Kg
Sealing Capacity 7 Kg 1,5 Kg
Max. Thickness of spacer profile 30 mm 24 mm
Butylation pressure adjustment 6 - 30 mm 6 - 24 mm
Intermittent electrical resistance 700 W 700 W
Pneumatic pressure required 7 bar Atm 7 bar Atm
Dimensions (WxDxH) 3000 x 800 x 1050 mm 2000x450x950 mm
Weight 550 Kg 145 Kg
Installed Power 3 Kw 1,5 Kw
Mains Voltage Three-phase (380V-50Hz) Three-phase (380V-50Hz)
Other Features The perfect solution for large production glass The perfect solution for smaller production glass

Malnati - Vidro Duplo

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