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Biebuyck Speed 20

Biebuyck Speed 20

Foot Diameter:
Minimum: 30mm

Maximum: 120mm

Bottom of the CUp:
Minimum: 40mm

Maximum: 90mm

Maximum Calotte:
145mm (manual load)

80mm (automatic load)

Minimum: 900 Pieces/Hour

Maximum: 2400 Pieces/Hour

Characteristics of the Machine
Number of Stations: 20
Height: 1.800m
Lenght: 2.200m
Width: 1.450m
Approximate Weight: 2000kg
Electric Circuit: 5kw
Compress Air: 6 bars
Water: 1 bar minimum
Propane/Butane+Air: Gas 50m bar
Air 150m bar
Gas Natural or Hydrogen + Oxygen: Gas 45m bar
Hydrogen 0.2 bar
Oxygen 0.2 bar
Compressed Air: 90m3/h free air
Water: 15l/min
Propane/Butane+Air: 500l/h
Gas Natural or Hydrogen + Oxygen: Gas 500l/h
Hydrogen 550l/h
Oxygen 550l/h

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