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Biebuyck R60

Biebuyck R60

Biebuyck R60

Foot Diameter:

Up to 80mm automatic feeding.

80 to 90mm manual feeding.


35 to 100mm/20 to 45 or 15 to 35 pieces/minute

100 to 150mm/10 to 25 or 7 to 17 pieces/minute

Characteristics of the Machine
Post Numbers: 60
Height: 1.450m
Lenght: 3.400m
Width: 1.300m
Approximate Weight: 2000kg
Electrical Circuit: Alternated Three-Phase
Voltage: ▲220v
Frequency: 50Hz
Consumes: Burner: 1kw
Individual Fans of Combustion: 1kw
Feeding of the Burner: Pressure of Dry Air and Dust: 150mbar
Gas: Propane: 30mbar
Natural: 30mbar
Debit: Propane: 5-6 m3/h by crystal PbO
Gas: 8-9 m3/h by glass
Natural: Soda-Calcium
Air: 100m3/h

Specific References