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Biebuyck Mini-Decalotteuse 2 Stations

Biebuyck Mini-Decalotteuse 2 Stations

Foot Diameter:
Minimum: 30mm

Maximum: 200mm

Bottom of the Cup:
Minimum: 40mm

Maximum: 135mm

Edge of the Cup: Maximum: 200mm
Height of the Cup: 400mm
Thickness of the Edge: Maximum: 10mm
Admissible Weight: 3kg
Cadence: 700 pieces/hour
Characteristics of the Machine
Número de Postos: 2
Height: 1.650m
Lenght: 0.600m
Width: 0.900m
Approximate Weight: 275kg
Electric Circuit: Maximum Consume: 1kwh
Compress Air: 6 bar
Air: 60l/min

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