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Arca de Recozimento para Peças de Vidro

Annealhing Lhers For Glass

Annealhing Lhers For Glass

- Brand VM;

- 1.80m belt with;

- Total length 24.17m;

- 8 bodies (each body has 2.25m length);

- The cooling zone has 8.50m;

- From first to the third body has two ventilators on the top (one left/one right);

- From the fourth to the eight body has one ventilator on the top;

- From the one to third has two burners. One in the left part and other in right part;

- In the 4, 6 and 8 body has one burner one the left side;

- In the 5 and 7 body has one burner on the right side;

- The height of the open is 450mm;

- Heating: natural gas;

- Dismantled;

- Manufacturing year 1998;

- 4 years of use.


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